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Behind the Scenes

Formerly known as Joey Lau, Joi Lau got signed by a record label when he was working as a comic assistant and debuted as a singer with an album titled “喜歡我” in 1990s. The album went gold with over 25,000 album copies. Not long after the glamour though, Joi chose to disappear from the artistry and started his medical beauty business with his wife. “There were some conflicting views between the producers and I, and I thought it was a signal that I was not a good fit for the entertainment industry.”

Yet Joi’s unwavering love for music never stopped. Not until three decades had passed when Joi recently produced a hundred tracks during the closure of his medical beauty institute due to the CoVID-19 and met his Mr. Michael Ho from Klasse Wrecks at a nightclub one evening in downtown Hong Kong that gave birth to his second release “3 UR Mind”.

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